TaxLawPlanet aims to always assist its clients to better manage accounts and the numerous routines and practices that increasingly characterize the life of a company. From the establishment of individual businesses and corporate entities to the complete management of special projects, TaxLawPlanet collaborates with its clients to relieve them from the routine daily procedures and formalities that are often not strictly related with the actual management of the company.

Our services include:

  • Company formation;
  • Accounts maintenance;
  • Registry of corporate records;
  • Communications and administrative requirements at record companies;
  • Appraisals and opinions;
  • Capital increases;
  • Extraordinary transactions;
  • Financial reports (and consolidated financial statements) and annual statements;
  • Analysis and drafting of statutes, special clauses between partners and associates;
  • Relationships with administrative and tax offices;
  • TaxLawPlanet in collaboration with prominent established firms in Italy also provides administrative outsourcing.

Outsourcing enables the clients to delegate the tasks that hinder the business’ development to experienced and reliable professionals, allowing them to focus on the profit earning aspects of the business.

For this reason, the administrative-account processes are among the most frequently outsourced, especially when the volumes of documents and data entry result in a time consuming exercise, stripping valuable time and resources of the company from what they could otherwise utilize and invest on information analysis and the development of new strategies. Today TaxLawPlanet assists companies by analysing, developing and processing these administrative functions without hampering company’s policy and practice. TaxLawPlanet also deals with non-profit organisations and voluntary associations in providing bookkeeping and tax consultancy.

Accounts maintenance

Due to our vast experience gained from working with nationally recognized prominent companies (not only small and medium enterprises as well as large and listed companies on the stock exchange), our professionals at Taxlawplanet provide an important support and advice for corporate reporting in accordance to local accounting standards and international standards (IAS / IFRS).

The services of Taxlawplanet include:

  • Adjustment and closing journals in preparing financial statements;
  • Criteria of evaluation and better representation of the records;
  • Feasibility studies for the accounting operations of special and / or extraordinary;
  • Ratio analysis of financial statements;
  • Notes to the financial statements and reports for management;
  • Periodic reports;
  • Audit;
  • Balance sheets and accounting statements;
  • Management reports;
  • Communications and services as registered office;
  • Electronic transmission of financial statements.

For further details see also one of the last books of Paola Zambon and Walter Rotondaro: “Annual Report 2011”.

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