Taxlawplanet offers services for the administration of the employees and independent contractors who work or interact with the enterprise or with the professionals.
Among the services offered are our assessments of the following:

  • Type of employment contract applicable and/or contract to be applied; 
  • Costs of salaries, contributions and ordinary contributions and deferred; 
  • Assessment of possible future complication depending on the choices made; 
  • Drafting payroll;
  • Keeping of employment documentation;
  • Salary awards or special awards; 
  • Regulatory limits (working hours, time off work, etc.).
  • Statutory concessions and tax reliefs.

Taxlawplanet is also available to perform ad hoc training courses on important issues relating to the management of expense reimbursements and fringe benefits from the management and taxation point of view directly as an in-house course.



The WebTrust is a seal that is affixed to a commercial website which guarantees compliance with a set of pre-determined criteria which are defined, measured and agreed upon at the international level to ensure reliability for the users, particularly in terms of safety in transactions and the protection of privacy, as a result of an inspection and monitoring carried out on the basis of an internationally recognized protocol.

The WebTrust is a solution based on a system of website certification, using recognized powerful branding, to deliver a higher degree of reliability resulting not only from the adherence to the recommended protocols, but in particular from the fact that the verification of the company’s website is certified by a third party outside the company who is especially qualified (specifically a Chartered Accountant who is qualified as a verifier and certifier of Web trusts).
The strong point of the procedure is that the core protocols and standards are unified and applied in a uniform manner throughout the world, providing greater security to the navigator on the security of the visited website. Today in fact the WebTrust; invented and developed by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and Canadian CICA (Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants); is present and institutionally recognized currently in sixteen countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada , Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, United States, Sweden and Italy.

The advantages of WebTrust

To obtain the warranty seal it is necessary to carry out a series of checks on the site, so in addition to getting the “certification” of the site, you will ensure the accuracy of the standards used in particular with regards third parties.
In particular, the standards developed and related controls cover the following areas:
ñ   Contractual clauses relating to on-line sale of products or services in this area ensures that the company has declared and made available the conditions of sale (including returns, reimbursement, delivery, provision for arbitration for resolution of any disputes ) and that has complied with those provisions;
ñ   Identification of terms and conditions (fine prints);
ñ   Confidentiality of collected information: this ensures that the company declares and maintains that it intends to make use of the data collected solely for performing the requested transaction (applying methods and restricting access to the data collected so that the information is not dispensed to external parties for other purposes, for example customer surveys). In the United States the matter of privacy has become the subject of heated debate in the last two years and even today some issue is still beyond the reach of regulation at state level. Therefore the provision of limits on the use of personal data remains as a private initiative, and subsequently a self-regulation matter. The Safe-Harbour agreement, agreed between the United States and the European Commission in July 2000 has a limited scope or is only applicable only on the data transferred between the two continents and not the data concerning transactions completed within the United States;
ñ   Security or integrity of the transaction: confirms the adoption of security mechanisms by the company to adopt proper measures and provide a reasonable hedge against data theft and abuse of the collected data at the expense of the customer. In this type of verification, the company must demonstrate that they have planned and adopted the mechanisms recommended by the standards of Web Trust;
ñ   Availability: the level of availability regarding access to Internet and is particularly relevant for providers of Internet services.
Procedure for obtaining the seal
The certification process is carried out on the company’s request to a qualified professional which will utilize similar methods to those of internal auditing (sample audit, interviews, site visits, questionnaires and management representation letter) to evaluate all the critical elements included in the above mentioned areas.
Following the audit, which will be conducted following a checklist, the certifier will issue a certification report to the company. The positive certification will follow the affixing of the seal on the company’s website; issued at the request of the certifier; directly from the IT company appointed and operating under the Web Trust.
Clicking on the seal, which appears on the company website, you can go directly to the certification report. Every six months the seal is renewed.
Those who follow the WebTrust for TaxLawplanet:
Paola Zambon, Chartered Accountant, auditor and journalist, teacher at the National Council of Certified Public Accountants (or il Consiglio Nazionale dei Dottori Commercialisti) with the added collaboration with leading European information technology and experienced consultants in the field of protection of Internet sites from legal and tax perspectives. Other supporting colleagues, trainers and certifiers form a part of the team TaxLawPlanet.
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