Your company can easily focus on your “core business” without wasting time in accounting, corporate and tax required by law.
In this way, you can be assured of meeting deadlines and demands to understand what are the formalities required by the law that we will assist you to prepare.
Among the services offered:

  • Tax advice 
  • Preparation of tax returns 
  • Advising on general international tax strategies 
  • Advice on individual questions on tax matters 
  • Research and application of tax benefits 
  • Mediating and maintaining relationships with tax authorities 
  • Tax planning.

Here are some examples where we are qualified to provide excellent services for your organization:

– Corporate tax return: our accredited accountants (Certified Accountants and Consultants) will provide advice and service for your corporate tax returns declared to the Tax Authority;
– Tax return for individuals: our accredited accountants will assist you in the preparation of an appropriate tax module for your tax return based on the information you provide;
– VAT return: we ensure and provide assistance in correctly calculating VAT to be paid and also the preparation of the relevant VAT return. We offer consulting in the case of international trade or commerce;
– Keeping proper books and records: having proper books and records will be a significant advantage in terms of demonstrating responsibility and credibility to deal with a possible audit or query by the authorities;
– Hiring employees and consultants: we will provide assistance in completing all the necessary declarations and advising on the requirements relating to employee recruitment.
– Opinions corporate law or tax law, in order to resolve any concerns or issues that might prevent a negative impact on the government and on corporate governance.
TaxLawPlanet stays close to its clients throughout the delicate process of managing the relationship between taxpayers and tax authorities.
In addition to tax advice in the field of direct and indirect taxes, TaxLawPlanet assists in mediating in the management of disputes with the tax authorities also assisting the client in the early stages of assessment by tax authorities.