TaxLawPlanet aims to always assist its clients to better manage accounts and the numerous routines and practices that increasingly characterize the life of a company.
From the establishment of individual businesses and corporate entities to the complete management of special projects, TaxLawPlanet collaborates with its clients to relieve them from the routine daily procedures and formalities that are often not strictly related with the actual management of the company.
Our services include:

  • Company formation
  • Accounts maintenance
  • Registry of corporate records
  • Communications and administrative requirements at record companies
  • Appraisals and opinions
  • Capital increases
  • Extraordinary transactions
  • Financial reports (and consolidated financial statements) and annual statements
  • Analysis and drafting of statutes, special clauses between partners and associates
  • Relationships with administrative and tax offices

TaxLawPlanet also collaborates with leading companies in the country which are outsourcer of administrative services. Outsourcing allows the customer to maintain focus on core business by outsourcing the processes that do not add direct value to the business.

For this reason the administrative and accounting process are now among the most outsourced, especially when the amount of documents and processing require a huge resource from the company which takes away the time available for the analysis of the information or the development of new strategies. TaxLawPlanet helps companies to analyse, develop and process a variety of administrative tasks without hindering its policies and procedures of the client company.

TaxLawPlanet also offers its services for “non-profit entities” providing accounting and tax services.

Consolidated Financial Statements

Group Consolidated Financial Statements enable you to gauge the overall health of an entire group of companies and it is a unique and indispensable analysis tool.
The consolidated accounts provide a true and fair view of the financial and operating conditions of the group. Doing so typically requires a complex set of eliminating and consolidating entries to work back from individual financial statements to a group financial statement that is an accurate representation of the group’s performance.
TaxLawPlanet professionals provide assistance and consultation in the preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements under both national and international accounting principles.

Our services include:

  • Data movement implementation
  • Tailored consolidated Reporting Package including review
  • Closing entries and drawing up balance-sheet  
  • Evaluation criteria and representation of accounting entries  
  • Feasibility study of particular accounting transactions  
  • Financial statements analysis, price index calculations  
  • Notes to Financial statements and management reporting  
  • Periodic reporting  
  • Headquarters and Holding Companies reporting
  • Electronic transmission of financial statements  

International Accounting Principles IAS / IFRS

Accounting consultancy (6 monthly reporting, balance sheet, consolidated balance sheet) on statutory and financial reporting utilizing IAS / IFRS.

Information and training courses in the field of International Accounting Standards IAS / IFRS.
Analysis of issues related to the organization and their impacts on annual, 6 monthly reporting and consolidated financial statements
Impairment test.

For further information please refer to the recent publications by Paola Zambon and Walter Rotondaro:

Passare agli IAS/IFRS


A guide which illustrates the various ways in which it is possible for a company with financial statements to adopt IAS / IFRS or manage a double accounting system that applies international accounting standards (corporate reporting packaging). The dissertation applies a very practical approach, accentuated by a detailed accompanying examples, figures and summary tables. The intent of the authors is in fact to highlight – in addition to the discipline of the transition to IAS / IFRS – the opportunities and advantages possible in this operation, which is deductible from the case studies, from which to take inspiration and with whom to deal.

This edition takes account of the new version of IAS 10, 11, 12 and 13 as published by the IASB.
Author: Zambon Paola – Rotondaro Walter
Publisher: Maggioli
Pages: 250
Edition: 2011
Price: euro 25,00


Manuale pratico del bilancio IAS/IFRS

With real business cases. Financial statements – Business mergers – Component approach – Content and evaluation criteria of balance sheet items – termination payment, golden handshake or exit bonus. Updated with: IFRS 1 of 25 January 2007 (draft)

Author: Zambon Paola – Rotondaro Walter

Publisher: Maggioli
Pages: 687
Edition: January 2007
Price: euro 42,00